A Safety Awareness Test Certificate will only be issued to a person who has completed a Firearms Training Course with the club. Tests can be conducted on any Friday morning and on the fourth (or fifth) Saturday of the month. Tests will not be conducted on a Tuesday or any of the first three Saturdays of the month. Anyone wishing to take these tests are advised to call Gerry on 0412 372 949 to make an appointment.



It is a condition of membership that any person wishing to join the club must be in possession of a Catagory 'A' Firearms Licence. Juniors between the ages of 12 to 17 must hold a Minors Permit.



There are strict regulations regarding the handling of firearms by unlicenced persons. Consequently, this imposes limitations on the number of unlicenced persons allowed to shoot at any given time as training has to be conducted on a one to one basis. Although the club will endeavour to train new shooters when possible, persons wishing to take up shooting are advised that there is limited access to the range and that it is not always possible to accommodate extra people.