The club caters for both .22 rimfire rifle and .177 and .22 air rifle benchrest disciplines. The range length is 50 metres.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

For those wishing to take up benchrest target shooting full tuition will be given, progressing to the acquisition of a Catagory 'A' Firearms Licence. Persons applying for a licence must undergo a Firearms Safety Awareness Test. The cost for adults (18 years and over) is $50. No cost for minors (ages 12 to 17 years). For more information regarding this test please contact Gerry on 0412 372 949. Persons between the ages of 12 to 17 who wish to attend the range must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

The minimum age requirement for shooting is 12 years of age.

All shooters using the range must wear covered footwear. (No sandals or thongs permitted)..

Please note that only standard velocity ammunition can be used in the .22 rimfire class. HMR and WMR ammunition is not permitted.