Get Started

How to get started in Smallbore Benchrest Shooting


For those wishing to take up benchrest target shooting full tuition will be given, progressing to the acquisition of a Catagory 'A' Firearms Licence. Initialy you can contact Brian on 0479 125 424 or drop into the range at the address shown on the right hand side page. We will explain the licence process and what is involved with shooting benchrest. If you decide to take up the sport you will be provided assistance through the process.

The minimum age requirement for shooting is 12 years of age. Persons between the ages of 12 to 17 who wish to attend the range must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

All shooters using the range must wear covered footwear. (No sandals or thongs permitted)..



It is a legal requirement when applying for a Catagory 'A' Firearms Licence that the applicant is a member of a Target Shooting Club and that your membership must be maintained to continue to hold a Firearms Licence.

Membership will be obtain firstly by joining the "Sporting Shooters Acossiation of Australia" (SSAA link below) which provides your insurance coverage and then join our Club with payment of our club membership fee as per membership fee schedule on the top right of the page.



For more information please contact Brian on 0479 125 424.



Anyone wishing to undertake their firearms safety training call Brian on 0479 125 424 to arrange training.


Our Club uses the SSAA Safe Shooting Course via the following link :- 




After the completion of the theory component the Club will provide practical training on a one to one basis in the safe handling and use of firearms.

Upon the successfull completion of this assesment you will be issued a Safety Trainng Certificate of Completion which must be included with your online application for a Catagory 'A' Firearms Licence. 

For more information please contact Brian on 0479 125 424.